Printer Security

Equips?? multifunctions printers MFC??with Common Access Card (CAC)/Personal Identity Verification (PIV) authentication capabilities and prevents unauthorized access to these digital imaging devices .


  • Address mandates to standardize on a secure, reliable form of identification
  • Using the Common Access Card Authentication Solution
  • Easy to use turn-key solution
  • Holders of a valid?? CAC/PIV can perform copy, scan, fax, and/or document server functions
  • Card is inserted into Common Access Card reader connected to MFP and pin is entered
  • Upon successful authentication the multifunction device is unlocked for use
  • Scanning is restricted only to address book users and embedded destinations to prevent anonymous scan-to functions
  • After authentication user is automatically registered in MFP’s address book

Cost and control

This print management solution helps you understand what’s going on across your whole fleet, control printer access, collect data for charge-back, and manage printing costs.??You can run printer usage reports using the Device Manager console or set them up to be created automatically according to a schedule.

  • Tracks MFP device usage whether users walk up to the?? multifunction printers??or initiate printing from their desktops.
  • The print tracker software tracks print, copy, scan and fax activity for charge-back, and associates these costs to users via user authentication.
  • Print tracking fine details like color, black & white, and paper size (even within a single document) ensures greater reporting and cost control accuracy.
  • Multiple pricing tiers can be created, which allows for advanced cost reporting and cost control.
  • Detailed device reports give you the data you need, including breakdowns by user, device or even function.
  • Multifunction printer usage reports can be run using the Device Manager console or setup to be created automatically according to a schedule.

Ricoh InfoPrint Manager

Centralize control of printers, print queues and job management enterprise-wide

InfoPrint Manager provides centralized, web-based control of printers, print queues and print jobs located anywhere on your network, enabling monitoring and management from a single point. Using a Java??? or web-based graphical user interface (GUI), you can manage a single sheet-fed device, a fleet of continuous-feed devices or a mix of multi-vendor office and production devices in z/OS??, UNIX??, Linux??, AIX??, Windows????and Mac????environments.

  • Consolidate current Windows??or other print servers to a single RICOH InfoPrint Manager instance, reducing administrative and infrastructure costs.
  • Improve productivity by increasing print server response times while supporting business-line applications, mainframe printing and legacy jobs.
  • Boost asset utilization by controlling the office printers, cutsheet printers and continuous-feed devices of major print vendors.

Secure login option allows you to leverage your LDAP credentials. After you automate job flows, print administrators, not IT resources, can manage print. Simplify printing for everyone involved:

  • Rely on intelligent document routing and scheduling based on attributes like size, color, resolution and media type.
  • Integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Transform multiple data streams in real-time and increase your file input/output options.
  • Improve device utilization with automated processes and load-balancing capability.
  • Expedite print job communications and chargebacks with tracking, accounting and notifications functions.
  • Streamline the print experience for mobile users while tightening security.